Thermal Water Analysis and Usefulness



Source : Afyon Province , Central District , Demirçevre Sağlarca Village, Afjet thermal water collection and distribution pool where AF-7, 8, 11, 16, 17, 21 and 24 thermal wells are collected.

Evaluation : According to the chemical analysis report carried out by T. C. Ministry of Health, Turkey Institute of Public Health – Consumer Safety Laboratory dated 20.02.2013 and with protocol number 35468; mixed water containing total 5367mg/l minerals with sodium, chloride, bicarbonate ( above 20% mval) (i.e. according to the spa regulations, thermo mineral waters having 20 degrees of output temperature and containing 1000mg/l mineral are adequate for spa treatments)

According to the report created by the Medical Review Board in accordance with Spa regulations use of our water is found appropriate in “ bath application units” by the methods such as thermal water pools, thermal baths, baths tubes, local bathroom devices.

Indications :

• In chronic phases of inflammatory rheumatic diseases (such as Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Ankylosing spondylitis(AS), etc.),

• In the treatment of chronic low back pain, non- inflammatory joint diseases such as osteoarthritis,

• In the treatment of soft tissue diseases such as myositis , tendinitis, injuries , fibromyalgia syndrome,

• For increasing mobility in situations of long-term inactivity after orthopedic surgeries, brain and nerve surgeries, etc.

• Our baths are found qualified in the treatment of acne combining with sun baths and as additional treatment to skin diseases if recommended by doctor together with drugs and the actual treatment.

• Our thermal water is recommended for bath treatment only. We don’t recommend for drinking cure. Please do not drink the thermal water.

Water Content and Features
Color Normal
Turbidity Turbid
Odor Odorous
pH 8,15
Conductivity (25°C) 6890 μS/cm
Sodium 1394
Calcium 156
Potassium 117
Magnesium 15
Iron 0,29
Manganese 0,011
Chloride 1871
Bicarbonate 1012
Sulfate 579
Nitrate 15,7
Fluoride 2,51
Bromide 0,44
Salicylic acid 131
Boric acid 72,6




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