Swimming Pools (Thermal Swimming Pools and Swimming Pools)


Swimming is a branch of a sport shaping physical appearance, regulating and strengthening the blood circulation and cardiovascular system with running the rhythmic movements of the whole body. Swimming has a cooling and refreshing effect in summer also reliefs the stress and strengthens the muscles. Swimming has the effect of accelerating the development of the body during puberty. Swimming is one of the best sport branches for the people who needs a healthy way to lose weight and keep their body in shape.

We have mineral-rich healing thermal pool as a gift of nature, one for men, one for women. We have one unisex indoor swimming pool with slides, a children’s pool, a heated outdoor unisex swimming pool, a heated outdoor children’s swimming pool There is also a private swimming pool for women.

  • 1 unisex indoor swimming pool with slides and jacuzzi
  • 1 unisex heated outdoor swimming pool and children’s swimming pool
  • 1 swimming pool for women with jakuzzi
  • 1 unisex outdoor thermal swimming pool
  • 1 indoor children’s swimming pool
  • 1 thermal swimming pool for women
  • 1 thermal swimming pool for men


  • Dear Guests ; according to our yearly renovation outdoor swimming pool will be out of service since 20.09.2016. Thank you for your understanding.

In our Minera Spa Center, there are many services such as spa and sports activites to healthy living services. There are latest technological equipments in the fitness center, suquash (wall ball), thermal pools, private family baths, an indoor swimming pool with water slide, children’s pool, a heated outdoor pool and a children’s pool, a Turkish bath, a sauna ...>>

Thermal waters, for thousands of years from past to this day, are known to be a source of healing. Thermal water resources in our country are first in Europe in terms of reserves and ranks seventh in the world. Thermal water of Ikbal Thermal Resort & Spa is a natural miracle which is colorless, mineral-rich, odorless and also obtained within the borders of our hotel.

Afium, the largest open space outlet and entertainment center of Afyon is in the hotel area. You can spend your day with shopping or watching latest movies in our cinema. You can spend quality time and have fun in Afium with your family and friends. We present this open space entertainment and outlet shopping center to your service.

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