Our natural resources are decreasing every day because of world population growth and change in consumption patterns. Therefore, efficient use of natural resources by reducing material consumption and recycling the qualified wastes is required.

Our hotel management, while carriying out their activities, identifies the adverse effects on the environment, uses the natural resources most efficient way to protect the nature and the environment we live in and prevention of environmental pollution is provided by decreasing the quantity of waste by recycling. All legal requirements are fulfilled by obeying laws and regulations of the environmental legislation in our country.

Minimizing the environmental impacts arising from the activities we have realized inside and outside of the company by complying with all environmental legislations and administrative arrangements in the context of tourism industry, proper use of resources, prevention adverse effects of air, water and noise pollution on human health and nature by decomposition of waste in the right way, ensuring the protection of sustainability of health, environmental and natural life through training our employees, and leaving a cleaner environment for future generations constitutes the environmental philosophy of İkbal Thermal Hotel& Spa.


  • An environmental policy and an action plan accordingly is available for the facility.
  • Objective sets for the environmental impact of the activities carried out in the facility are monitored regularly every month.
  • Onsite and surrounding trees and all plant tissue is carefully protected.
  • Changing the towells in the rooms only by the guests’ requests, water, energy and detergent consumption as well as the environmental damage is minimized.
  • Guests are informed that replacement of towels and sheets are made upon request otherwise a change will be made every two days.
  • Use of non-recyclable packages is minimized.
  • LPG is used in the kitchen and for hot water the Jeothermal energy is used.
  • The unnecessary power consumption is prevented by automatically closed heating and cooling system when windows are opened in the rooms.
  • There is an energy saver system in each room providing electrical energy cut-off when the guest rooms are not in use.
  • Photocell lamps are used in the general and staff areas.
  • A-class energy group lamps are used.
  • 100 % of the hot water used in the rooms are obtained by geothermal energy system.
  • All the windows in the rooms and the main restaurant are of insulating glass.
  • Time control panel is located in the sauna.
  • Refrigerators, cold rooms and minibar is located away from sun and heat sources.
  • Energy-saving frequency inverters, heat exchangers and heat conversion technologies are used.
  • Each room’s temperature can be adjusted independently, and are provided with thermostat control.
  • Electricity and water consumption of the facility is monitored and reported regularly.
  • Air curtains are available at the entrance of buildings.
  • Photocell batteries are used in public faucets.
  • To save water, toilets have special 6 liter toilet cisterns and urinals have ptotocells.
  • Plant and garden watering is made in the morning or at night by dripping or spring methods.
  • All waste water is made harmless for nature in the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant managed by Republic of Turkey Afyonkarahisar Waste Water Collection Construction and Operation Union.
  • Pool chlorination is carried out with automatic dosing.
  • All detergents for cleaning, dish washing, laundry and general cleaning detergents are environment friendly and used according to automatic dosing system.
  • The drugs used for regular general area medications are harmless to human and pets.
  • To reduce the consumption of chemicals, the concentrated products are used and the amounts are tracked and reported.
  • Guests are able to parse their solid wastes via the trash cans located at the lobby entrance.
  • Batteries, cans, cartridges, waste pharmaceuticals, bulbs, medical and other hazardous wastes are collected separately, stored privately and disposed by licenced companies.
  • Staff parse the wastes into metallic, plastic, glass, paper, garden waste, organic waste, medical waste, hazardous waste categoies.
  • Grease traps and waste cooking oil is collected regularly and delivered to licensed companies and recycling is provided by converting to biodiesel.
  • Amount of waste produced is tracked and reported.
  • Public spaces are non-smoking.
  • 50% of the rooms are non-smoking.
  • The textiles, uniforms, furniture and other materials that finished their lifetimes according to 5-star norms are given to the needy and the charities, secondary use is provided.
  • It is of particular attention that the products used in the facility are local products.
  • All staff are given periodic training on environment action plan, environment policy, water and chemical usage, and waste disposal issues.
  • Service and maintenance of all equipments used in the facility is maintained according to the laws and regulations.
  • Buildings in the facility are compatible with the nature visually and habitats are protected by landscaping and afforestation.
  • Electronic correspondance system is used to minimize the paper consumption in administrative work in the facility. In public areas the consumption of paper is minimized by using e-billing and hand terminal systems.
  • For maintaining air quality the exhaust examinations of our vehicles and staff buses are held regularly.
  • Usable food waste arising each day in our restaurant is send to our animal friends in cooperation with Afyonkarahisar Animal Shelter.

As an environment friend, we wish you to support our efforts to maintain and keep clean this beauty.

Wishing the best holiday for you.

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In our Minera Spa Center, there are many services such as spa and sports activites to healthy living services. There are latest technological equipments in the fitness center, suquash (wall ball), thermal pools, private family baths, an indoor swimming pool with water slide, children’s pool, a heated outdoor pool and a children’s pool, a Turkish bath, a sauna ...>>

Thermal waters, for thousands of years from past to this day, are known to be a source of healing. Thermal water resources in our country are first in Europe in terms of reserves and ranks seventh in the world. Thermal water of Ikbal Thermal Resort & Spa is a natural miracle which is colorless, mineral-rich, odorless and also obtained within the borders of our hotel.

Afium, the largest open space outlet and entertainment center of Afyon is in the hotel area. You can spend your day with shopping or watching latest movies in our cinema. You can spend quality time and have fun in Afium with your family and friends. We present this open space entertainment and outlet shopping center to your service.

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