Afyonkarahisar Urban Vision Plan


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Why Urban Vision?

Strategic planning approach defines the route between the existing situation and target destination of a town or region; andputs forward aims, objectives and tools for its development. Therefore, we need to answer the questions, such as “where are we”, “where do we want to be”, “how can we reach thatstate”.

In other words, this approach is an important tool for transforming potentials into opportunities, solving problems, definingpriorities and implementing them. It describes strategy and action areas in order to realize the vision and the targets in accordance with economic, social and environmental dynamics.

Urban Vision should be determined with collective mind by taking into account the themes, principles, strategic targets, and also short and long-term expectations of different parties in the city. Collective mind should incorporate theprocess that integrates corporate and sectorial visions; and all shareholders should adopt the collective vision.

In order to attain the collective vision, prioritized areas and sectors should be defined; solution-oriented, timeous acting collaborations should be established; public, private and civic collaborations should be constituted; and proposals and projectpackages for implementation should be developed.

For the restructuring of our cities, new urban schemes, planning andparticipatory management approaches should be discussed.

New urban model should incorporate:

  • Vision oriented urban development
  • Urban, institutional and cultural transformation
  • Revitalization of local economy
  • Preservation of environmental and cultural values
  • Interconnection betweenplanning and infrastructure
  • Cooperation of private sector andNGOs withpublic sector and local administration
  • Creation of equal opportunities
  • Provision of interdisciplinary working environment
  • Project management

In the cities with a variety of cultural and historical heritage, urban identity should be brought into question in the context of new urban model. Taking the inspiration from city’s distinctive environmental, historical, social, cultural, functional and spatial values, urban identity should be formed through creating urban experience, image making and transferring the urban narrative.

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